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People today face enormous challenges and opportunities as they move through high school and into further education, training and changing career pathways. In this rapidly shifting world of work we all face the challenge of continually re-inventing ourselves.

Len Eagles Knowing yourself is a key to being able to make confident and informed career decisions and understanding others is the beginning of better communication skills and being better able to work with different people.

 Our mission is to equip, encourage and empower people to be able to choose a career path that matches their natural gifts and talents.

 We count it a privilege to be involved in providing tools to support everyone involved in this awesome journey of career education for life-long learning. Len Eagles B.Comm. Dip.Ed. PGCE

Get a free analysis of your personality and the careers that best fit you with MyFutureFinder

To help you take control of your career, we have partnered with the University of New England, a leading higher education provider to help you choose a career pathway that matches your personality style and behavioural profile. You can get a full analysis of your personality type, what motivates you and the types of careers that best suit you. It only take 10 minutes to get your career report. Your report will also contain valuable feedback you can include in your resume up date…

My Future Finder Career Profile from UNE

UNE My Future Finder Career Profile



“Like one’s strengths, how one performs is unique. It is a matter of personality” say Peter Druker in the Harvard Business Review.

Be Successful, It’s Easy:

Success begins when we can see possible future opportunities and pathways that match our personality style and characteristics. Helping people to see their natural gifts, talents and behavioural styles can lead to more successful career choices  for everyone looking to their perfect career. While there are lots of career quizzes out there, some free, some very expensive, the trick is to get a ‘user-friendly’ report with helpful, supporting resources.

“I found the personality profile a simple, accurate and beneficial tool that should be used by all people looking to understand ‘the why’ behind what they do. This has helped me to understand my thinking style whilst giving examples of what setting I work best in (which was accurate) and further affirming the results with direct words that best describe my style. Consequently, it has helped give direction to possible career paths that I had never considered previously. I found the outcome to be accurate and noninvasive. The results of your dominant style are presented in a manner that is easy to read and understand. The other benefit is that by going through the process, you can begin to understand other people’s personalities around you.. Highly recommend it.” Rebecca


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